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In re Loestrin 24FE Antitrust Litigation

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in FTC v. Actavis, Goodwin attorneys have been at the forefront of litigating antitrust challenges to settlement agreements between brand and generic pharmaceutical companies. In this case, Goodwin filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Association for Accessible Medicines (formerly…

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Cutting v. City of Portland

In response to complaints about “panhandling,” the City of Portland passed a sweeping restriction prohibiting use of the City’s streets and traffic medians for First Amendment activities. Goodwin partnered with the ACLU of Maine to bring a successful First Amendment challenge to Portland’s ordinance. The First Circuit affirmed the permanent…

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ACLU v. City of Worcester

Goodwin attorneys partnered with attorneys for the ACLU to bring a series of successful First Amendment challenges to local ordinances throughout the country that restrict speech requesting charitable donations. In this action, Goodwin persuaded the Supreme Court to vacate an adverse decision issued by the First Circuit. On remand, Goodwin…

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