Lfoundry v. Atmel

Goodwin represented Atmel Corporation, a California-based semiconductor company (and now a subsidiary of firm client Microchip), in a RICO class action arising from the closure of its France-based operations.  The Plaintiffs were a putative class of former French plant workers who sought more than $300M in alleged damages based on claims that Atmel conspired with a German manufacturing company to drive its French semi-conductor manufacturing operations into bankruptcy (through a sale to the German buyer) as part of a conspiracy allegedly orchestrated from the US to avoid compliance French labor law.  The action was dismissed in its entirety on forum non conveniens grounds and that dismissal was affirmed by the Second Circuit.  While that appeal was pending, the Plaintiffs filed a Rule 60(b) motion concerning alleged post-judgment misconduct which was denied and formed the basis of a second appeal and which also was affirmed by the Second Circuit.

Lfoundry v. Atmel Brief

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